Concerne XIZI

Development History

XIZI carries forward the quintessence of elevator development concept of a hundred years, inherits experiences and technologies of elevator industry of over 30 years, sticks to sustainable innovation and always maintains a dedicated, specialized and concentrative attitude to business development.

Over the years, each time of sincere handshake with customer, each time of close cooperation with customer.... are all the testimony of XIZI's advance. It is precisely because genuine smile of every time, XIZI has quickly realized the target of stepping on international stage from domestic market.

Gathering senior talents on enterprise operation and management, professional first-rate integrated marketing talents, powerful product research and development talents as well as experienced technology and construction talents, XIZI team is confident of bring trustworthy smiles to all over the world.

In 2017, XIZI owns the national testing center, and won the title of Zhejiang provincial enterprise research institute and the growth rate of orders is the first in the industry.

In 2016, successfully launched various new products, including disc type ultra-thin motor and Victor MRL(T) elevator with machine room, XEC-6000 control-drive integrated safe escalator.

In 2015, XIZI Industrial Park shined in the industry, awarded the title of top-100 enterprise in Zhejiang Province.

In 2014, awarded high & new technical enterprises in Zhejiang Province, government quality award of Jianggan District, Hangzhou, won the title of “outstanding enterprises in the national quality and service".

In 2012, listed in ten preferred brand suppliers for national security housing construction.

In 2011, won the title of high & new technical enterprises in Zhejiang Province, enterprise technology center in Hangzhou.

In 2009, awarded with the title of AAA level Chinese Quality Credit Enterprise in successive years.

In 2008, Xizi Unite Elevator Co., Ltd. was officially founded.

In 1997, XIZI OTIS elevator Co., Ltd. was officially founded.

In 1996, “XIZI ” leaped to No. 1 national brand in the domestic market.

In 1996, XIZI successfully installed 4 escalators for Hangzhou Department Store.

In 1993, XIZI exported it first elevator to Vietnam.

In 1987, the installation permit passed permit installation has been accepted.

In 1981, XIZI Plant was officially founded.

  • 2013年11月,投資籌建臨安新工廠(2014年5月投入使用)。

  • 2012年11月,成功注冊"西子優耐德"商標。

  • 2011年11月,"杭州優耐德電梯有限公司"正式更名為"優耐德電梯有限公司",標志著優耐德進入全新的發展時代。

  • 2011年10月,預示優耐德實力再上臺階,成都優耐德電梯有限公司正式掛牌成立。

  • 2011年9月,優耐德巨資投入,在海寧成立示范性的生產基地。

  • 2011年2月,優耐德全國分公司戰略布局實現34家。

  • 2011年5月,重慶優耐德電梯有限公司成立,讓優耐德從此深扎華夏大地之上。

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